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Transportation costs

The delivery costs depend on the weight of the delivered item and the amount of kilometers travelled. At the bottom of the page you will find a table with the indicated transportation costs. Because the packets measure 2,5 metres in length and to be sure everything fits and is delivered in good order, we use an 18,5 metre long truck to transport the floor. The truck we use is quite big and not all streets are wide enough for the truck to drive through. If you live in a narrow street, alongside a canal or in a residential area where the truck might have problems accessing the house, please inform us of this; we will try and find alternative means of transportation. The truck is loaded and unloaded using a forklif which we will bring along in the truck. The chauffeur will place the packets in front of the main entrance of your house. They will not be taken into the house or up flights of stairs. We will send you an estimated time of arrival for every order you place. However, due to unexpected events such as traffic jams, we may be later than expected. Always leave your (mobile) phone number when placing an order so we know where to reach you in case of delay or other problems. 

To calculate the transpotation costs you need to know the approximate weight and the amount of kilometres to be driven. If you have this information, you can look up the transportation costs in the table below. 


The amount of kilometres can be calculated using google maps. Go to and type in our address: Benedenrijweg 166  in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. Click on "route" and fill in your own address as well. The website will then proceed to calculating the distance between the factory and your house.


Lamella parquet 15,5mm thick weighs about12 kilo per 1m2, engineered wood flooring 20,0 mm  thick and solid wood parquet weigh around 15 kilo per 1m. The total weight of your order is the amount of m2 times 12 or 15, depending on the thickness of your floor. 


Price list before taxes (top line in orange is the weight, first row in orange are the kilometres, numbers in white are the prices in euro's):

Max. Weight  600kg   601-1200kg  1201-1800kg  1801-2400kg  2401-3000kg  3001-3600kg  3601-4200kg
0-30km 60,00 84,00 102,00 120,00 138,00 156,00 174,00
31-60km 66,00 90,00 108,00 126,00 144,00 162,00 180,00
61-90km 72,00 96,00 114,00 132,00 150,00 168,00 186,00
91-125km 78,00 102,00 120,00 138,00 156,00 174,00 192,00
126-160km 84,00 108,00 126,00 144,00 162,00 180,00 198,00
161-200km 90,00 114,00 132,00 150,00 168,00 186,00 204,00
201-250km 96,00 120,00 138,00 156,00 174,00 192,00 210,00



Max. Weight  4201-4800kg   4801-5400kg  5401-6000kg  6001-6600kg  6601-7300kg  7301-7900kg  7901-8500kg
0-30km 192,00 210,00 228,00 246,00 258,00 270,00 282,00
31-60km 198,00 216,00 234,00 252,00 264,00 276,00 288,00
61-90km 204,00 222,00 240,00 258,00 270,00 282,00 294,00
91-125km 210,00 228,00 246,00 264,00 276,00 288,00 300,00
126-160km 216,00 234,00 252,00 270,00 282,00 294,00 306,00
161-200km 222,00 240,00 258,00 276,00 288,00 300,00 312,00
201-250km 228,00 246,00 264,00 282,00 294,00 306,00 318,00

The chauffeur does not take the pellets inside or upstairs.
Below: a staircase with lamella parquet