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Delivery times

You will find many types of unfinished floors on our website; this allows you to choose the finishing of your preference. The unfinished floors are in stock, but will need to be finished before delivery. To ensure finishing colours are not contaminated by colours used on a previous floor, we finish the floors in batches starting with white floors and gradually moving on to darker floors. Depending on the colour of your choice and the colour currently in the finishing machine, delivery times may vary. We will keep you informed on delivery times. However, due to unexpected events such as a broken machine or severe traffic jams, delivery times can be delayed. Make sure you plan enough time to acclimatise your floor before installing it, do not rush the installment of (semi-solid) parquet floors. The longer you leave the parquet to acclimatise, the better.

We also have floors with the more popular colours in stock, ready to be delivered to you directly!