Collect it yourself or have it delivered?

Picking it up yourself

Coming to pick up your order yourself is no problem: we are available for pick-up Monday till Friday from 14:00 to 16:00. After ordering, we will make an appointment with you to come and pick up your order. If the provided date and time do not suit you, please call to make a new appointment. Please, do not come without an appointment; we cannot assure the floor will be ready for shipment if you arrive without an appointment and this could result in long waiting times for you. If you haven’t paid the floor before coming to collect it, please bring cash, it is not yet possible to pay with card.

When coming to collect your floor, keep the following in mind:

  • The packets measure 2,5 meter in length. This size does not fit in most station cars!
  • Mind the weight! engineered wooded floors 15,5mm thick weighs about 12 kg per m2  and engineered wooded floors 20,0 mm thick and solid wood parquet weigh about 15 kilo per m2.


The delivery costs for you are the same costs we make to transport your order. Because the packets measure 2,5 metres in length and to be sure everything fits and is delivered in good order, we use an 18,5 metre long truck to transport the floor. The truck we use is quite big and not all streets are wide enough for the truck to drive through. If you live in a narrow street, alongside a canal or in a residential area where the truck might have problems accessing the house, please inform us of this; we will try and find alternative means of transportation. The truck is loaded and unloaded using a forklift which we bring along when delivering your floor. The chauffeur will place the packets in front of the main entrance of your house; they will not be taken into the house or up flights of stairs. We will send you an estimated time of arrival for every order you place. However, due to unexpected events such as traffic jams we may be later than expected. Always leave your (mobile) phone number when placing an order so we know where to reach you in case of delay or other problems. 


Portable forklift