Why parquet instead of laminate flooring?

Why buy laminate when you can have parquet? Here at FloorTeq B.V. we do not have the answer to that question. Laminate is not real wood and will therefore never look as pretty and natural as our parquet floors. Laminate is harder and colder to the touch and is much louder compared to parquet, which is softer and warmer to the touch and absorbs sound, giving it a sound isolating effect. Once damaged, it is impossible to repair laminate and is easily worn out. You can’t sand a laminate floor to make it look like new again, like you can with parquet; once laminate is worn out, you have to replace the entire floor.

The only advantage to laminate is the price. However, laminate is not eco-friendly, and cheap laminate will only last a couple of years before it needs to be replaced. More expensive laminate will give you a few more years, but in the long run you will have to replace it. This website gives you the opportunity to buy real parquet, which is more eco-friendly and will last a life time!