Why Engineered / Semi Solid instead of Solid parquet?

Solid parquet/solid wooden floors warp more than enigneered wood/ semi-solid parquet and the correct amount of humidity in a house is vital to the state of solid wooden floors. High levels of humidity can be disastrous for solid wooden floors making them swell, whereas dry and cold winters can create sudden seams in the wood. Hot summers can cause the floor to expand and bow. With solid wood parquet it is crucial to have a good climate control system in the house and it is not possible to place solid parquet on top of under-floor heating. Engineered wood flooring is easier to maintain, and does not have the above mentioned problems with humidity. However, good glue and gluing methods are imperative to engineered wood flooring; the oak top layer of the floor may come off the birch plywood when the proper glue is not used. This is the main reason FloorTeq B.V. invested so much time and energy into developing one of the best gluing methods in Europe.