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Protect your floor

A good doormat is the first step in protecting your floor. Make sure you have a doormat which retains any moist, sand, dust or road salt. Also, to avoid scratches and pressure marks protect the base of all chairs, table legs and other furniture with felt.

Never place plant pots with an open base directly on the wooden floor. Instead, put them on a plate or other surface that will catch any excess water seeping out of the pots. This water can cause calcium stains and water damage on your floor. Any moisture or sticky substances on the floor should be cleaned immediately.   

Some products may react with the finishing on your floor, causing stains or differences in colour, so always use clean, lukewarm water and Osmo maintenance products when cleaning your floor to prevent any unwanted reactions. Other products used for cleaning the house such as green soap, all/purpose cleaners, ammonia, vinegar, acetone, benzene, turpentine, solvents, etc. can affect the finishing on your floor and cause colour differences.

Wood is always subject to colour changes when exposed to direct sunlight. To prevent colour differences on your floor, we advise you to move any carpets and furniture you may have every now and then, to expose the different parts of your floor to equal amounts of sunlight.

Wood is a natural product, and can shrink or expand as a result of the percentage of air humidity in a room. The ideal air humidity for a wooden floor is between 50% and 65%. Place a humidifier with hygrometer in the room with parquet to control for air humidity and change humidity levels when necessary.  


Vaccuum thoroughly


Never use them on your floor!