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Maintenance advice

One of the advantages of a FloorTeq B.V. floor is that it is easy to maintain. To minimise wear due to sand or dirt, we advise you place a door mat at the entrance and clean the floor daily with a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove any dirt or sand. For maintenance of your floor we advise you to use HOU'T MOOI (keep it beautiful)

HOU'T MOOI consists of the cleaning product MAAK'T SCHOON (cleans it) and the maintenance product BESCHERM'T GOED (protects it well).


  1. Vaccuum the floor.
  2. Add a tea spoon of MAAK'T SCHOON to four litres of luke warm water.
  3. Mop the floor slightly moist (not wet!).

Persistent stains are removed easily when rubbing it in with BESCHERM'T GOED. After rubbing it in make sure to polish it well using a clean cloth.


To refresh your floor, use BESCHERM'T GOED.

  1. Clean the floor using MAAK'T SCHOON (see cleaning)
  2. Shake the bottle of BESCHERM'T GOED.
  3. Attach the tube to the spraying head and twist the head onto the bottle.
  4. Apply very thinly and equally at a spraying distance of about 25cm.
  5. Rub BESCHERM'T GOED into the floor using a clean and lint free cloth.

After several hours the floor can be walked on again..


Juice, milk, cola, beer, wine, coffee en general domestic dirt
Clean using:
Grease, shoe polish, shoe marks, ink and other persistent stains
Clean using: