How do you calculate the number of m2 that you need?

To calculate the amount of m2 you will need for your floor, determine the area of your floor: measure the length of the room in meteres and the width of the room in metres, and multiply these (so length x width) to obtain the area of your floor. Keep in mind you will lose about 5% of your floor boards by sawing them into the correct length (installer wastage). If the space contains many croocked or rounded walls, calculate a 10% installer wastage.

If the room your engineered wood floor is going to be installed in is not a perfect rectangle or square, divide the room into squares to calculate the square metres needed. Calculate the area of each reactangle as explaines above, and add these to each other to obtain the total amount of square metres. Make sure all your measurements are in the same unit: do not use centimetres in one part and metres in the other, this will lead to mistakes!

Do not underestimate the needed amount of parquet; when having to place a second order there will be differences in colour between the two orders. 

Area- Rectangle

Measure the width

Measure the length

Area = width x length



Calculating the meters for your plinths

To determine the amount of metres needed for the plinths, measure the outline of the room, always keeping in mind a 10% loss due to installer wastage.

Outline- Rectangle

Measure the length

Measure the width

Outline = Length x 2 + Width x 2
Example: The outline of a floor 12m long and 5m wide = (2x12 + 2x5) = 34 m1