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Since March 3rd, 2013 the European Timber Regulation (EUTR) is in force. This concerns a ban on importing and trading in illegal timber and to set up a due dilligence system to show that the wood is legal. Operators, who place the wood for the first time on the European market should have this system in place. The due dilligence system means that you have access to information about the origin of the wood, a risk analysis is done and measures have been taken to rule out any risk. Also for traders further down the chain, there is the obligation to accurately keep track of suppliers and customers.

The EUTR distinguishes between Operators and Traders. The operator is the first to put the wood on the internal market. The operator will have to apply a due diligence system to demonstrate the legality. The trader should only record basic traceability.

FloorTeq B.V. has a completely new production module built into the accounting system to keep track of the entire production process and guarantee 100% traceability of the wood. This way you, as a FloorTeq B.V. customer, can be assured all the wood you buy is completely legal and in accordance with all rules and regulations.

When selling engineered wooden floors, the seller also needs to be able to trace the wood back to its origins. So if you buy floors at FloorTeq B.V. with the intention of reselling, we will specify as much information on the origin of the wood as possible on your invoice. This will save you a lot of time and effort. We have altered our invoice so that it now also includes taric codes, Latin names and country of origin. By being open and clear about business we try and help our customers as much as possible

Read more about the EUTR in this guidance document.

EUTR Ready