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Environment & Sustainability

Oak is a natural product and, as all natural resources, oak is exhaustible. Many laws have been written to prevent illegal felling. Illegal felling has severe negative effects on nature and the environment, and can cause great damage to the surrounding areas and wildlife. Certified wood cutting is done with the utmost respect to the environment and for every cut down tree a new one is planted.

Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) such as FSC and PEFC have very strict rules for those bearing their certificate, not only concerning felling but also production, usage, the handling of waste, fair trade, quality control and taking care of the environment;

  • Vulnerable forest ground may not be felled (i.e. erosion can occur on steep slopes, causing landslides).
  • You may only fell as much as you can grow.
  • Fair remuneration for the wood workers, making it possible for them to make a fair living, and are not “forced” into the hands of illegal felling.

Durability is therefore of the utmost importance in the wood industry; not just when buying, but also when selling. FloorTeq B.V. stands for quality, giving you a long-lasting and enjoyable product! Our floors have a very long life span, especially compared to laminate. Laminate is made of plastic, cannot be repaired after damaging and not environmentally friendly. Our floors are a natural product, can be easily repaired after damaging or sanded to match a new interior. Wooden floors, both solid and lamella parquet, are almost never discarded and don’t create a waste-problem.


All the more reasons to choose an honest and durable floor!